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Lines below are the terms and agreement to work .. so please read them carefully, and take attention that these conditions are the terms and not negotiable, and start working means that you are totally agree.
Before strat working ..
1 –  The work begins and the period of the work considered as Active directly after receive the half of the amount at lest.
2 – It’s not permitted to claim money back after receiving in any way.
During The work ..
3 –  The specified Duration of work is an estimated Duration so it may increase or decrease according to the nature of work.
4 – You can request a limited number of Modifications According to the style and type of work
5 – It is not permitted to be changes are radicals , “such as changing the whole idea or change the whole style of work”.
6 – can not request additional models only after paying additional sum of money set by the designer
Upon completion ..
7 – The Designer is committed to send work files “max-psd-jpg-png” directly after receiving the remaining amount.
8 – The Designer is committed to keep work rights, and do not use any part of it with any other customer.
9 – The designer has the right to Presents the design in his website and assign design rights for his own.
Sub-terms ..
13 – The ways to communication are E-mail and whats app and we are not obligate to use any other way
14 – When The customer does not connect with the designer for a period exceeding 30 days without justification, meant to keep the amount and not to complete the work.
15 – Can not request any modification or addition, after Expiration 7 days of the delivery of work
16 – It is not permitted to remove the rights of the designer link “Web sites” or attribute work rights to other person or entity after completion.
Once you use any service of the resolution site’s services The site considers you that you are agree with the agreements with all its articles and elements and will be applied in you ..
Thank you for choosing site resolution site’s services . With greetings: Resolution site for architectural design and advertising.

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